CMX High Availability

I have had the privilege of Beta Testing the new CMX High Availability version this post is to run through how it was setup and different options of how to set up the HA. I will after testing post detailing my findings around how well the HA handles different situations.

For this testing I have had the CMX servers installed into AWS as I didnt have available on-site VM resources. Details of how to get CMX into AWS are available here Continue reading “CMX High Availability”

7 Signal Wireless Monitoring System

After watching a webinar on the 7 Signal wireless sensors, I was offered the opportunity to for a loan sensor to conduct a POC to see if the solution would be beneficial for the company I am working for. Aside from evaluating the solution for the company, I took the opportunity to learn about a new wireless sensor and how it has the potential to proactively monitor the customer experience of the wireless and notify me before I receive customer logged tickets. Continue reading “7 Signal Wireless Monitoring System”